Dear Customers,

To protect the health of you and all af us during the COVID-19 pandemic and valid quaratine, we are informing you concerning the changes in the organization of Nbiuras work and hope for your undestanding:

1. Nbiuras shall reduce the amount of Office work and shall change to remote job maximally.

2. Nbiuras reception is open untill a separate notice.

3. Please postpone pick-up of correspondence and shipments untill the end of quarantine, urgent correspondence may be forwarded or scanned at your request.

4. We strongly recommend washing or disinfecting your hand when entering the premises ourside.

5. During the welcome, we refuse hands shaking, both among ourselves and with our Customers.

6. Please postpone renting meeting rotoms and conference rotoms for remote meetings and events.


At our business center please take general measurements to help protect against coronavirus:

1. As much as possible try to stay above 1 m distance from each other.

2. When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with disposable wipe, cough or sneeze into your clothes.

3. Wash your hands thoroughtly and frequently, and Always after the contact with surfaces and in accordance with normal hygiene requiremets: before eating, using the toilet and etc.

4. Do not touch your face with your hands – never unless immediately after washing your hands.

5. Limit meetings and face-to-face meetings, avoid unnecessary events and entertaiments and prioritize telepohone or other distant communication.



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Important information concerning Nbiuras work organization due to quarantine!
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